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Loose Vagina - Radiant Rejuvenation - Seattle

Vaginal Tightening Surgery by an Expert, Experienced Gynecologic and Cosmetic Surgeon

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Dr. Michael Lau, Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists, is a cosmetic vaginal surgeon highly trained in both urogynecology and cosmetic surgery [ Biography ∓ Credentials ]. He has been performing labiaplasty and other vaginal plastic surgery for over 25 years and has been serving patients from all over the world. He lectures internationally, especially in the area of optimizing sexual function with vaginal plastic surgery. Dr. Lau, as a urogynecologist, can go beyond cosmetic vaginal surgery and repair other vaginal prolapse or urine loss problems, often associated with a loose vagina, at the same surgical setting. For vaginal rejuvenation, Dr. Lau usually performs the procedure under local anesthesia (local numbing medicine) in the office surgical suite. The local anesthesia will eliminate the risk of general anesthesia and decrease the cost.

The photos show Vaginal Rejuvenation combined with Labiaplasty

Vaginal Rejuvenation - Labiaplasty

The photos show Vaginal Rejuvenation, a correction for loose vagina

Loose Vagina - Vaginal Rejuvenation

What is a loose vagina or vaginal looseness?

Many women are concerned that they have a loose vagina. This problem is especially prominent for women who have experienced childbirth or excessive sexual activities. Actually, the term of loose vagina or the impression that one's vagina is loose could mean different things:

  • A woman can feel that she has a loose vagina, and commonly she is describing the actual loosening of her vaginal canal, with enlarged size and loose vaginal tone and tissue. She cannot hold a tampon well, and with vaginal intercourse, she has a decreased sensation of her vagina. Since the vagina does not grab the penis that tightly anymore, she might complain of less orgasm with vaginal intercourse, and she might suspect that her partner is less satisfied, even though he might not have said anything about that. This loose vagina problem can cause self- consciousness in sexual function and the associated relationship problems.
  • Another woman may say that she has a loose vagina, and actually what she is worried about is that her vaginal opening is loose so that one can readily see inside her vagina through her vaginal opening. She may or may not have adequate vaginal tone or enlarged internal vaginal canal size.
  • Another woman complaining of loose vagina may mean that her external vaginal tissue, that is her vaginal lips, the inner vaginal lips known as the labia minora and/or the outer vaginal lips known as the labia majora, are loose, enlarged, wrinkly, or hanging down. Actually, her vagina internally may be adequately tight.
  • Another form of loose vagina could mean the mons pubis, the fat pad over the pubic bone, may be hanging down because of loose skin and fat deposits.
  • Yet another form of loose vagina could mean to some women an excessive clitoral hood - the skin fold over the clitoris - causing the hood to hang down while a woman is standing. In the worst case scenario, it appears like a penis hanging.

Therefore, when a woman describes that she has a loose vagina, she could be referring to any or a combination of the above problems. The diagnosis and treatment for such problems are different and need to be individualized.

Implications of a Loose Vagina

Loose vaginal lips, labia majora, labia minora, or both

For women with loose vaginal lips, labia majora or minora or both, the most common concern is the aesthetic appearance of the external genital area. With the current trend of removing all or most of the pubic hair in most women, especially in the younger age group, the look of the external genitalia becomes very apparent. The loose vagina look can become a big concern for many women as they are contemplating sexual encounters. The loose vagina in this category would also cause an embarrassing situation with tight or scanty clothing, discomfort with certain sports activities and even with sexual activities.

Correction of large vaginal lips - Labiaplasty Majora and Minora

Labiaplasty Majora and Minora

This type of larger, loose vaginal lips, with wrinkling and loose skin over the underlying tissue, most often is just the innate nature of the vaginal tissue. However, childbirth, sexual activities, infection, and chronic inflammation may exacerbate the problem. Often there may be a darkening of the skin over the labia, making the appearance even more obvious.

Besides the aesthetics of vaginal lips and opening that might cause concern and self-consciousness, affecting the woman's self esteem and sexual relationship, there are other associated adverse effects. The excessive loose vaginal lips, if large, can occasionally cause the trapping of moisture and increase the chance of local infection.

In terms of sexual function, if one looks at the labia-clitoris-vagina as a sexual response unit, the large, loose labia may interfere with sexual function and sexual response. Occasionally, there might be mechanical interference with vaginal intercourse at penetration. Also, if the labia and clitoral hood are excessive and loose, it may be difficult to stimulate the clitoris during intercourse, and this prevents the clitoral component from contributing to the achievement of orgasm.

Loose vagina referring to a loose vaginal opening and/or loose, enlarged vaginal canal internally

The loose vagina referred to in this case is usually due to vaginal childbirth. One might think that excessive vaginal intercourse would cause this problem, but most likely that is not the case, at least not to the degree of the loose, large vagina that one is concerned about after childbirth. The looseness of the vagina is often due to the stretching out of the tissue of the vagina at childbirth, but most importantly, the looseness of the vagina is due to the damage to the pelvic floor muscle group supporting the vagina at childbirth. Usually that occurs at the back (posterior) side of the vaginal wall since the front (anterior) side of the vaginal wall does not have much muscle structure for support. The stretching of vaginal tissue and the defective muscle usually affects the lower two-thirds of the vagina. There is not much muscle support of the top third of the vaginal canal. Actually, during sexual arousal and response, the top one-third of the vagina undergoes tenting, that is enlarging of that part of the vaginal cavity in anticipation of receiving the semen deposit. Therefore, it would not make sense to have a tight vagina all the way to the top. The loose vagina usually is referring to the lower two-thirds of the vaginal canal and the vaginal opening.

Correction of gaping vaginal opening and loose vagina - Vaginal Rejuvenation and Labiaplasty Minora

Vaginal Rejuvenation and Labiaplasty

The G-spot, located at the front (anterior) vagina below the urethra, is the lower half of the vaginal canal. There might be other areas in the vagina that could contribute to sexual response and orgasm. Most likely, the stimulation of the G-spot and the other sexual stimulating points are due to proprioceptic nerve fibers (nerve fibers responding to pressure) and not just to light touch. If that should be the case, the loose vagina would result in loss of pressure sensation to the prioprioceptic receptors at the G-spot or other vaginal areas, especially in the lower two-thirds of the vagina, causing less sensation during vaginal intercourse. This is a common complaint of women with loose vagina. Their complaints have a physiological basis and are not imaginary. Again, consider the clitoris-vagina-labia complex as a sexual stimulation and response unit.

Loose vagina referring to excessive mons pubis fat pad hanging down and excessive hood of the clitoris

Obviously this problem causes aesthetic concern and concern of sexual attractiveness, especially when the patient is standing. Furthermore, the excessive local loose tissue around the clitoris will interfere with clitoral stimulation during sexual intercourse, affecting the contribution from the clitoris-labia component of the sexual stimulation complex. Therefore, this problem affects the sexual function of the woman, going beyond aesthetics.

Correction of redundant clitoral hood - Clitoral Hood Reduction and Labiaplasty Minora

Labiaplasty and Hood Reduction

In summary, loose vagina can refer to several different types of dysfunction of the vagina, involving the vaginal canal, vaginal opening, the labia, clitoral hood or mons pubis, most often seen in combination. The causes for each area might be different, but all cause aesthetic and functional problems relating to the sexual health and satisfaction of the woman. These issues need to be addressed properly to allow the woman to regain her self-confidence, health and sexual enjoyment.

Correction for Loose Vagina

We provide a full range of procedures to correct the various problems of loose vagina as described above, addressing each individual woman with the appropriately tailored treatments. The following are the procedures that we specialize in performing to correct for loose vagina. Follow the links to find more information and additional photos.

Labiaplasty (Labioplasty)

Pelvic Plastic Surgery

Vaginal Rejuvenation